Others often know us better than we know ourselves.  I hope these testimonials will help you begin to know me.
From my LinkedIn profile:
“I worked with Gerry on a very large multi year project building a mortgage servicing system from the ground up. Gerry was the lead architect / systems analyst on the project and was responsible for the overall design. Gerry also gave the programmers training in mortgage processing and documented the expected testing results for the QA team.

Gerry was able to design and build processes that even IBM, at the time did not think could be done. Gerry would always find the best solution and will make sure that it was delivered as promised.

Gerry was a great person to work with and have on your team.”

Joe Brancati AMP, Manager of Systems and Operations, Metropolitan Trust, March 2012

"[Gerry Lowry] ... is the type of programmer that any company would desire to entrust with crafting their software applications"
Sergiy Korzh, CEO Korzh.com, March 2012

TESTIMONIAL for Gerry Lowry, Programmer, by Sergiy Korzh, CEO Korzh.com

"[Gerry Lowry] will make a great contribution to any company"
Ian Muir, Controller, Musket Transport Ltd., November 2007

TESTIMONIAL for Gerry Lowry, Programmer, by Ian Muir, Controller

"[Gerry Lowry] has always been unflaggingly positive and encouraging"
Rob Hindley-Smith, Human Resources Manager, Musket Transport Ltd., May 2008

TESTIMONIAL for Gerry Lowry by Rob Hindley-Smith, Human Resources Manager

"[Gerry Lowry] a strong team player ... very capable of being a one man management information systems development team
... deliverables always arrived on time ... high quality work ... defect free"

Jack Hoffman, V.P., Citibank

TESTIMONIAL for Gerry Lowry by Jack Hoffman, V.P., Citibank